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About Us

Welcome to ErgoBrands


At ErgoBrands we select our brands carefully by choosing from reputable brands achieving the highest ranking in their categories.  Our goal is to offer you beautifully designed and trendy ergonomic furniture from selected Ergonomic brands (Only Ergonomic) at an affordable price, without the hustle and bustle. This gives our customers the maximum selection choice to buy any product of their favourite ergonomic brands all from one store. Your ergonomic furniture is just a click away. We do our best for this, and we want to give you the best shopping experience.

How it all started

Have you ever had a negative experience while shopping for furniture? Yes? Due to his own bad experiences and the importance of health conditions, Dr Nick decided to open an online ergo shop with fast delivery option. Here, ergonomic furniture and accessories can be bought and delivered to your home with just one push of a button with the flexible customisation options and fast delivery service across all the UK. ErgoBrand is known for its reliability, quality and bespoke design. With dedication, motivation and energy, ErgoBrand has expanded the shop and now delivers to most countries in Europe and has a wide range of ergonomic furniture for different age groups from 5 years old kids to adults. One thing has always remained the same -ErgoBrands stands for reliability and high quality selected Ergonomic furniture that you can trust.


ErgoBrands could not have grown into an internationally known company with great customer service without the support of dedicated employees who stand behind the brand and represent it. We take care of our shop and our customers with passion. That is why we offer the service we would like to receive ourselves every day!

FREE DELIVERY and returns We offer you a simple way to buy beautiful furniture without leaving your home especially with the Covid-19 limitations. This is done with just one click and the selected products are delivered to the desired address. Everything for free, of course!  60 DAY RETURNS: We know that you are asking yourself: "What if I don't like the colour or the material?" No problem! You can return the product within 60 days of placing your order.

UNBEATABLE PRICE We want everyone to be able to afford furniture without having to spend a fortune and lots of time. That is why we work directly with producers and avoid expensive middlemen. This enables us to minimise our costs and pass this price advantage on to our customers.

HIGH QUALITY WITH UP TO 10 YEARS GUARANTEE We know that you want to enjoy your furniture for as long as possible and that it should still be in perfect condition years later. That is why we select our producers very carefully and can offer you a guarantee of up to 10 years.

SATISFIED CUSTOMERS Numbers don't lie! Be one of the only websites which is dedicated only to top Ergonomic furniture brands with thousands of products online in a variety of colours, styles and bespoke designs. Let yourself be inspired!


To ensure that you receive your order without any problems, we rely on our customer service and our experienced logistics partners with their fast and tracked services. Every day we continue to conquer new markets, new category and the latest tech ergonomic furniture which allow us to develop and grow as a company. All of our efforts are aimed at meeting the expectations of our customers and providing you with fast and safe service.

ErgoBrands is operating from:

268 Bath Road
Slough, SL1 4DX
United Kingdom

Company Registration: 11215101
VAT registration: GB288162865